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When it comes to clothes, I adore the romantic-type styles like the Renaissance or Boho styles – flowy dresses and skirts, ruffles, soft fabrics, feminine and flattering lines.   The trick is, finding this style of clothing in my size, that is also within my budget.  HolyClothing, a family-owned clothing business, is just that!  They offer handmade dresses, skirts and tops in the romantic style featuring Boho, Peasant, Renaissance and Gypsy styles that is exclusive to their company and beautifully made.  I received a top from HolyClothing in exchange for my honest opinion.

What did I think?

When perusing the HolyClothing website, it is hard not to get lost in the rabbit hole of beautiful Boho and Gypsy styles!  With whimsical dresses and skirts that will leave you feeling beautiful and empowered, to tops that can be dressed up or down with a simple accessory or layering change – there is so much to see!  When I first came across the Renata Top, I fell in love and just kept coming back to it.  This Boho Gypsy Style tunic top, features a beautiful kimono-type cross wrap, and a detailed sash to pull it together.  Available in eight colors, it was hard to choose the right color!  I selected the Sapphire Blue, since this shade of blue is huge this season, as well as being appropriate for the upcoming New Year’s celebrations and beyond.  This tunic top is made from Rayon/Viscose, leaving it soft against your skin as well as light and airy.  I chose to layer mine with another jewel tone creating a fun and flirty look that is as comfortable as it is stunning.  The embroidered details on the sash and sleeve add a whimsical element that I really love and makes the entire top visually appealing. 


Paired with a simple pair of black leggings, this top can go from day to night and back again with a simple change of shoes or accessories.  I love wearing it with a simple pair of black flats, but do plan on wearing this Gypsy style top to our New Year’s party next week with a sparkly cami underneath and a sassy pair of glittery silver pumps that will make the blue pop out!

The Verdict

HolyClothing offers a great selection of handmade, exclusive and beautiful Boho, Peasant, Renaissance and Gypsy style clothing that will please anyone who loves to wear feminine clothes.   The versatile tunic top that I received is priced at under $40, making these clothes easy to wear and easy on my wallet.  They are well-made and seem to hold up very well, making them a great value for your money.  I love how good I feel about my curves in these clothes and look forward to adding more pieces to my wardrobe in the future!  Be sure to visit HolyClothing on Facebook and Twitter for sneak peeks at new pieces, promo codes (psst…there is a great code on Facebook right now!) and fun fashion chat!


This originally appeared on my sister blog, Savory Savings.

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