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The Freeloader Child Carrier

The Freeloader is the First Child Carrier Built Specifically for Toddlers! It is a new, better child carrier. Compact, lightweight and portable, the Freeloader child carrier uses advanced materials and design to create a better experience for parents who love spending time with their kids. Whether you are traveling by air, going to the zoo, or hiking with your little ones, the Freeloader is ready to help carry the load. When not in use, the Freeloader's integrated aluminum seat folds up neatly to the size of a daypack. The Freeloader is a perfect fit for parents that want a lighter, more versatile carrier. The Freeloader features an easy-to-use, 5-point safety harness. The safety harness is specially designed to fasten securely and safely out-of-reach of your child.

The Freeloader provides wide, ergonomic shoulder and waist straps to evenly distribute your child's weight to your hips and core. The contoured shoulder straps are adjustable and provide extra padding for comfort and support. Padding in the back panel and seat offers extended comfort for your child.

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New Smurf Movie! Smurfs: The Lost Village in Theaters April 7


Have you ever felt out of place or like you didn’t belong?  Felt like maybe there was more out there for you – to really fulfill your destiny?  If you said yes, you and Smurfette have something in common!


On April 7, join Smurfette alongside her best pals Hefty, Brainy and Clumsy as they venture across the Forbidden Forest in order to uncover the bigger, smurfiest secret in all of the Smurf world! Of course, it wouldn’t be a Smurf movie if they weren’t dealing with Gargamel and his sidekicks along the way.


My girls and I recently checked out a screening of the new Smurfs: The Lost Village movie and I have to say, we loved it!  The movie is full of laugh out loud moments as well as touching on points of deep thought and feelings.  


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Abco Tech USB Wall Charger – 4 Devices at once!

How many chargeable smart devices do you have in your house?  For us, it is a ton.  We have iPhones, iPads, Kindles and more.  To find an open an available charging station can be a challenge some days as it seems we are all low battery at the same time.  Add to that a trip to a hotel and it is a constant battle of rotating who gets charging time.  To help battle this, Abco Tech has created a USB Wall Charger that can charge up to four devices at once and sent one to me for review.

What did I think of the Abco Tech USB Wall Charger?

Simple: AWESOME!  This USB wall charger has made it easier for all of us to charge our devices all at once!  With four available USB ports in one handy-dandy charger, you are sure to save time (looking for somewhere to charge), space and money (from constantly replacing lost chargers).  This USB wall charger will simultaneously charge four devices giving them an OEM quality charge and can even detect when one device is fully charged, effectively stopping that charge and focusing on the others. 

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Smile Bright With the Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit

I like coffee and I like tea – but both coffee and tea, do not like me.  Or my teeth, really – as they are the two main culprits as to why I need some teeth whitening like mad!  The problem is, so many teeth whitening products out there are uncomfortable to use, difficult to use or only whiten the front of your teeth, but nothing else.  Now I have the  Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening kit that I received for my honest opinion – and my teeth are looking great and you will be amazed at how easy this kit is to use!

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Before and After


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Make Ice Cream in a Fun & Natural Way – Curious Creamery Kickstarter

Any ice cream fans out there?  Me, me, me!  As I got through an elimination diet, one of the foods I cannot have (and seems to be a trigger for me!) is those with lactose – so my favorite creamy treat, ice cream has been out – but hold on to your cones, because I am about to tell you about Curious Creamery – the market’s first at-home, natural ice-cream system that allows anyone with a sweet tooth to make real, premium ice cream in any flavor, in a matter of minutes and even better, it is lactose-free, too!  YES! The Curious Creamery is not only a way to make tasty and natural, lactose-free ice cream, but it is also the perfect after-school or weekend activity for your kids!

Curious Creamery Kickstarter

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Portable Bluetooth Speaker from LuguLake for all your party needs!

With an upcoming birthday party in the house, I need to get it ready by cleaning and for me, while I don’t mind the surface cleaning – I’m terrible about maintaining for deep cleaning.  Unless I have some great music going.  The problem is, our undercounter CD player, is well – an undercounter CD player and I want to listen to something more recent, as well as in all rooms of the house and not just the kitchen.  I received the LuguLake Portable Bluetooth Speaker in exchange for my honest opinion.

What did I think of the LuguLake Portable Bluetooth Speaker? 

The super sleek portable Bluetooth speaker from LuguLake is easy to use and even easier on the eyes.  It looks modern and will look great in any room that you place it – which is important since it can go anywhere!  You simply charge it with a USB charger and you are ready to go mobile!  It connects seamlessly and quickly with your smart devices so that you can listen to music that you’ve downloaded, stream music from your apps or listen to Podcasts while you clean (at least that’s what I do so I can stay on task!).  I can take this portable Bluetooth speaker with me anywhere I go in the house and even outside to keep the momentum going.

I like that it has a stand built in that either my iPhone or iPad can sit comfortably in while I get things done.  I have also used this for the girls in the car when they are watching movies on the iPad so that they can hear the movie on longer trips over the road noise.

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Freckles + Kitty Fall/Winter Dress

My little Miss LadyBug is a budding fashionista in her own right!  While big sis has the corner market on the edgier side of things, Miss LadyBug loves a comfy, cozy dress year round, and if it has pockets, it has just become her new favorite.  So when she received a beautiful new dress from Freckles + Kitty, she had an instant new fave!  This is a definite fall or winter dress that is must-have for the girl on the go in your house!

Freckles and Kitty Winter Dress in purple

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