Natural Lip Scrub & Lip Balm from Moody Sisters

The winter and then winter-to-spring transition is so hard on my lips and my girls’ lips, too!  To avoid chapped lips, I love to have a good lip scrub and lip balm to keep our lips healthy, happy and feeling their best, but so many on the market are full of chemicals and other unsavory ingredients.  When I set to finding a quality and natural lip scrub, I was happy to find that Moody Sisters Natural Skincare has great organic lip scrub and lip balm that will make your lips (and you!) happy!  I received a lip scrub and lip balm in exchange for my honest opinion.

lip scrub

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Natural Soap from Grandma’s – You Will Feel Good and Look Good!

Cutting chemicals out of your diet is a great way to lead a healthier and better life – but if you are not carrying that through your life and are still slathering your body with chemicals, all that change may be for naught.  Many soaps and lotions have harsh chemicals like sulfates, detergents and other ambiguous ingredients, like “fragrance”.  I received an assortment of natural soaps and a natural lotion from Remwood Productss, featuring their amazing Grandma’s Lye Soap line of natural soaps, herbal soaps and lotion. 

What did I think?

The Grandma’s line of soaps began in 2002 when Grandma started to research the best ingredients for human skin.  Through her soap research came a natural soap line like no other.  Featuring lye as the base and ingredients such as  goat’s milk, essential oils, oatmeal and other natural products – these soaps are great for your skin and can treat many ailments from poison ivy to bug bites, eczema and everything in between!  They even offer soap for pets!


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Artisan Scents Lavender Bath Gift Set Review Reduce Stress and more!

I love going to the spa.  Unfortunately, my bank account and schedule do not allow for that in cost or time.  So I started looking for ways to bring spa experiences home to find a better way to relax at home and reduce my stress level.  My favorite way is by soaking in the bathtub.  The trick to a good, relaxing soak that makes you feel good is to find quality bath products that make you feel luxurious, while in your own bathroom!  I received a Lavender Dead Sea Bath Set from Artisan Scents in exchange for my honest opinion.

What did I think?

What you use in your bath water can really make a difference to how you feel when you get out.  You can choose an uplifting scent, something relaxing or soothing or even something to help with illness!  When I am really in the mood to unwind and am looking forward to a restful night’s sleep, I turn to lavender.  Lavender has long been lauded for its stress relieving properties and this set from Artisan Scents will help you not only achieve relaxation, but healthier skin, too!

This beautifully wrapped gift set comes with three bath-enhancing products, as well as a sachet of lavender that is perfect for your dresser drawers, or to slip under your pillow for some added aromatherapy!  The three products you can expect are: the Dead Sea Mineral Salt, the Dead Sea Mineral Body Scrub, and the Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask.  This set has quickly become one of my favorites – not only for stress relief, but for leaving my skin soft, silky and super moist!  The Dead Sea Mineral Salts are great for just a hot soak in the tub, they leave a light lavender fragrance on your skin that smells natural and wonderful.  The Dead Sea Mineral Scrub is a great way to exfoliate your skin and leave you feeling fresh and clean!

Artisan Scents bath products

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Relax with All-Natural Bath Products from Cottage in the Woods

I am obsessed with taking baths right now!  I literally went years without even giving a second thought to taking a bath, let alone a long soak in the tub and now I probably take two, three or more in a week!  I love to set up my iPad on a chair in the bathroom and get caught up on my favorite shows (or play Plants vs Zombies), drink a glass of wine and just enjoy the comfort of the warm water and the scent of my bath products.  Since I started this new relaxing habit a couple of months ago, I have been searching for all-natural bath products that would not cost me an arm and a leg since I was going to be using them so regularly.  Fortunately, I found a fantastic Etsy shop, Cottage in the Woods Co, that makes all-natural bath products (and cleaning products, oh and tutus, too!) that are affordable!  I received some all-natural bath products in exchange for my honest opinion.

What did I think?

I must say, I just love the concept behind Cottage in the Woods Co!  This husband and wife team make all-natural bath products and cleaning products by hand!  Their team effort results in high-quality, easy to use and affordable products that should be in everyone’s homes!  Not only do they strive to use all-natural ingredients in their products, but they also attempt to incorporate as many green practices into their business as possible – so you may find your bath fizzies wrapped in last week’s newspaper or your body wash arrive in a recycled box! 

Bath Bomb and Body Wash Combo

I received the following all-natural bath products from Cottage in the Woods Co: body wash, bath fizzies (aka bath bombs) and a shampoo bar.  What I love about Cottage in the Woods Co is that you can pick any scent you want for your products and they will mix you up a custom batch!  I have been crazy for lavender lately, so I decided to take a step away from my usual and change it up a bit!  I received Vanilla Tangerine body wash and Vanilla Orange bath bombs.  Can I just tell you how great these are?  The body wash foams at just the right amount and leaves a fresh scent on your skin when you rinse it away.  Using essential oils, coconut oil, and even sunflower oil – you can be sure that you skin will be soft and smooth after washing with this body wash! 

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