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Spy Alley Board Games Introduce Suspicion and Fun to Game Night

Many times when we have our regular board game night with friends, the kiddos will wrap up their game and then come to ask if they can play whatever the adults are playing.  Unfortunately, usually the games we play are a bit too complex for their ages, but the makers of the Spy Alley games have a great alternative by offering a game with a junior version, too!  I received several Spy Alley board games in exchange for my honest opinion.

What did I think?

Spy Alley makes several games in the mystery and bluffing board game genre.  The flagship game, Spy Alley is all about throwing your fellow players off your trail as you try to protect your secret identity and collect clues along the way.  The rules are incredibly simple making it a great game – but the competition starts early.  As more pegs appear on the boards, the intensity increases and the laughter begins.  We have enjoyed playing this with friends as we attempt to bluff our way through the game and realize that tricking friends and family is considerably more difficult than you would ever think!


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