Get Going on Green Living with All You Need Is Less

I love that Earth Day makes more people aware of taking care of our planet should be a priority (although I wish that were year round and not just one day or at best, a month!).   FINALLY!  I am not walking around alone as that crunchy gal who talks about sorting recyclables, cutting chemicals out of our lives and making things instead of buying – in fact, during the month of April, I blend in quite well!  I usually take this time of year to try and make year-round converts of people that have taken a sudden interest in being green.  The trick is, making it easy for them.  As with any change in life, the easier it is for someone, the more likely they are to do it and the more likely they are to stick with it!  Green living is something we can all do and it doesn’t have to be hard!

green living guide

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Be Green in the Shower with the Big Lather Soap Sponge!

When our girls take a bath, they probably use more soap than is needed to wash an entire kindergarten classroom post pumpkin farm field trip.  They love to lather up their wash clothes over and over again with body wash effectively going through a bottle quite quickly.  In my and the hubby’s bathroom, we have bar soap, but I hate how icky, slippery a bar gets and that disgusting lump of soap residue that builds up in the corner of our tub from where we put the soap each morning.  The new Big Lather soap sponge has made a dramatic change in our house when it comes to soap waste, convenience and mess.  I received a Big Lather soap sponge in exchange for my honest opinion.

Big Lather soap sponge #green#green Big Lather Soap Sponse

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Countertop Compost Bin from BioBag – Live Greener!

Whether you are trying to be greener and save room in the landfills, or trying to have better soil for your gardens, composting is a great way to accomplish both of these and more!  BioBag is the leader in bringing certified compostable bags to the table for everything from yard waste to pet waste, food waste and even lunch bags!  In addition to offering certified compostable bags, BioBag also offers a Max Air Composting System so that you can start the composting process inside your home!  I received one of BioBag’s countertop Max Air Composting Systems in exchange for my honest opinion.

compost #green #ecofriendly

compost #green

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Sustainable Clothing from prAna that is Fashion Forward, too

Depending on where you are in the country, it would seem that spring and summer may never arrive.  Here in Wisconsin, we are experiencing what many forecasters are lovingly referring to as “the polar vortex”.  With temperatures well below zero, it is hard to think about spring, but I find for my sanity, I need to do just that!  In an unusual twist of events, I lost weight over this long winter and have been in need of some new spring and summer clothes, so I was excited to work with prAna because I could find new fashionable, sustainable clothing for myself, but also work with a company that believes in sustainability, giving back and green living.  I received an outfit from prAna in exchange for my honest opinion.

prAna sustainable clothing

What did I think?

I am absolutely in awe of how the prAna brand works – they use organic cotton, recycled materials and natural fibers to create beautiful and unique textiles that not only look great, but also function well, too.  Their focus on using green manufacturing processes flows through from beginning to end and the end result of sustainable clothing and products is amazing, eco-friendly and something that every other clothing company should strive to achieve.  Their use of bold prints mixed with more neutral tones will draw you and have you asking for more. 

pRana Spring Outfit

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Beautiful and Functional Glass Straws from GlassDharma

We have our girls attending an environmental science school.  What that means is, we are reminded, on a near daily basis, by our six-year-old that we should cut waste, recycle more and reuse as much as possible.  One of her more recent focuses had centered on her little sister’s love of using straws.  Miss LadyBug LOVES to drink with straws and it is one of the most common single-use plastic that ends up in our house because I had to give in on that, to ensure she would drink enough milk!  I am happy to report, that we have now been able to eliminate the throwaway plastic straws, by introducing glass straws from GlassDharma.  I received several glass straws in exchange for my honest opinion.

What did I think?

First, let me start by saying that I am simply blown away by the passion that GlassDharma has for eliminating plastic waste and its effect on our environment.  I urge you to check out their website and educate yourself about the harmful effects of single use plastics on our planet and the astronomical size of waste that these seemingly benign plastic straws create.  It is funny, that even I was guilty of thinking that it was just a “little plastic straw, how bad could it be?” when it came to plastic waste, but I was wrong.  One of the things that got me thinking was posing the idea about isolating just fast food restaurants and the number of meals they serve each day.  Most of those meals come with drinks and those drinks come with plastic straws.  Just imagine how many little plastic straws that is and if you were to pile them into a room, just how much space and waste that would be!  I am happy to be part of the glass straw club now and am excited to spread the word! 

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Relax with All-Natural Bath Products from Cottage in the Woods

I am obsessed with taking baths right now!  I literally went years without even giving a second thought to taking a bath, let alone a long soak in the tub and now I probably take two, three or more in a week!  I love to set up my iPad on a chair in the bathroom and get caught up on my favorite shows (or play Plants vs Zombies), drink a glass of wine and just enjoy the comfort of the warm water and the scent of my bath products.  Since I started this new relaxing habit a couple of months ago, I have been searching for all-natural bath products that would not cost me an arm and a leg since I was going to be using them so regularly.  Fortunately, I found a fantastic Etsy shop, Cottage in the Woods Co, that makes all-natural bath products (and cleaning products, oh and tutus, too!) that are affordable!  I received some all-natural bath products in exchange for my honest opinion.

What did I think?

I must say, I just love the concept behind Cottage in the Woods Co!  This husband and wife team make all-natural bath products and cleaning products by hand!  Their team effort results in high-quality, easy to use and affordable products that should be in everyone’s homes!  Not only do they strive to use all-natural ingredients in their products, but they also attempt to incorporate as many green practices into their business as possible – so you may find your bath fizzies wrapped in last week’s newspaper or your body wash arrive in a recycled box! 

Bath Bomb and Body Wash Combo

I received the following all-natural bath products from Cottage in the Woods Co: body wash, bath fizzies (aka bath bombs) and a shampoo bar.  What I love about Cottage in the Woods Co is that you can pick any scent you want for your products and they will mix you up a custom batch!  I have been crazy for lavender lately, so I decided to take a step away from my usual and change it up a bit!  I received Vanilla Tangerine body wash and Vanilla Orange bath bombs.  Can I just tell you how great these are?  The body wash foams at just the right amount and leaves a fresh scent on your skin when you rinse it away.  Using essential oils, coconut oil, and even sunflower oil – you can be sure that you skin will be soft and smooth after washing with this body wash! 

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