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Abco Tech USB Wall Charger – 4 Devices at once!

How many chargeable smart devices do you have in your house?  For us, it is a ton.  We have iPhones, iPads, Kindles and more.  To find an open an available charging station can be a challenge some days as it seems we are all low battery at the same time.  Add to that a trip to a hotel and it is a constant battle of rotating who gets charging time.  To help battle this, Abco Tech has created a USB Wall Charger that can charge up to four devices at once and sent one to me for review.

What did I think of the Abco Tech USB Wall Charger?

Simple: AWESOME!  This USB wall charger has made it easier for all of us to charge our devices all at once!  With four available USB ports in one handy-dandy charger, you are sure to save time (looking for somewhere to charge), space and money (from constantly replacing lost chargers).  This USB wall charger will simultaneously charge four devices giving them an OEM quality charge and can even detect when one device is fully charged, effectively stopping that charge and focusing on the others. 

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Portable Bluetooth Speaker from LuguLake for all your party needs!

With an upcoming birthday party in the house, I need to get it ready by cleaning and for me, while I don’t mind the surface cleaning – I’m terrible about maintaining for deep cleaning.  Unless I have some great music going.  The problem is, our undercounter CD player, is well – an undercounter CD player and I want to listen to something more recent, as well as in all rooms of the house and not just the kitchen.  I received the LuguLake Portable Bluetooth Speaker in exchange for my honest opinion.

What did I think of the LuguLake Portable Bluetooth Speaker? 

The super sleek portable Bluetooth speaker from LuguLake is easy to use and even easier on the eyes.  It looks modern and will look great in any room that you place it – which is important since it can go anywhere!  You simply charge it with a USB charger and you are ready to go mobile!  It connects seamlessly and quickly with your smart devices so that you can listen to music that you’ve downloaded, stream music from your apps or listen to Podcasts while you clean (at least that’s what I do so I can stay on task!).  I can take this portable Bluetooth speaker with me anywhere I go in the house and even outside to keep the momentum going.

I like that it has a stand built in that either my iPhone or iPad can sit comfortably in while I get things done.  I have also used this for the girls in the car when they are watching movies on the iPad so that they can hear the movie on longer trips over the road noise.

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Portable Bluetooth Speaker from Havit Brings Big Sound Anywhere

As the girls get older, they are definitely coming into their own when it comes to pretty much everything, especially music!  They like to listen to their music when they are cleaning their rooms or just playing and I would prefer that they not use headphones or earbuds quite yet since they tend to turn up the sound.  Wireless, Bluetooth speakers are a great option for this, especially if you can find one for an affordable price!  Well, I found that with Havit!  Havit offers different wireless, Bluetooth speaker options and they sent me this great portable, bar speaker in exchange for my honest opinion!

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Be Fashionable & Functional with this Epiphanie Camera Bag!

A couple of years ago, hubby got me a DSLR for my birthday.  I will tell you – two years later and I am still 75% clueless on all of the things that it can do, but I still love it!  My goal for 2014 includes learning how to better use my camera and to take it more places so I can get better pictures.  The roadblock to that is, hauling it!  Anyone who owns a DSLR knows that when you go somewhere, you end up hauling around a huge and ugly camera bag in addition to all of your other bags so that you can have your camera, your main lens, specialty lenses and so many other accessories.  I have run the gauntlet of bags and have a small pile of camera bags that I have tried, used and hated.  They all hold my camera – but that is about it.  There is the mini-backpack style, the fanny pack style (yikes!), the “this screams I am just a camera bag” style and many others that I am sure you would recognize.  While all along, all I wanted was a way to carry my camera with my day-to-day without making it an event or wrapping my expensive camera in miscellaneous items to protect it in my purse.  The creator of Epiphanie Bags also had that same struggle and set out to create a line of stylish and functional camera bags!  I received a camera bag in exchange for my honest opinion.

Epiphanie Storage Bag

What did I think?

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