Coming to the Big Screen November 6, 2015 – PEANUTS!

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Can you already hear the Peanuts theme song playing?  Perhaps you are envisioning Linus dragging his blanket, or can see Schroeder playing that classic tune?  For the first time ever, Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang will be on the big screen in an all-new CG animated 3D film coming November 6, 2015.  I know a certain beagle-loving mom in my life will be likely camped out for this film – perhaps even early.  With a Peanuts and Snoopy collection that would rival Imelda Marcos’ shoe collection, my “aunt mom” will definitely be first in line to see how Snoopy and the Gang come to life via CG animation, especially after she sees these adorable screenshots!


I just love how much Charlie Brown loves Snoopy – and my girls do, too – especially Miss LadyBug who has inherited the Snoopy love!  No matter what is going on in their lives, Charlie Brown and Snoopy make time for one another, which I just adore.  I also love Snoopy’s “dark and stormy” stories – so I hope one or two make an appearance in the movie!


Can't wait that long to know what will happen with your favorite dancing beagle and World War II Ace?  Check out this teaser trailer released by Mammoth and get ready to do the Snoopy dance next fall!


Do you love Snoopy and Charlie Brown?  Will you be seeing this film?  Tell me all about your Peanuts love in the comments!  What do you think we will see (or do you hope to see?)?  Lucy with her psychiatrist stand?  Do you think inflation has hit the stand? Footballs? Peppermint Patty finally declaring her love?  Ooh, what about the Little Red Haired Girl?

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