Eco-friendly Reusable Lunch Bags from RUSSBE

When it comes to packing lunches for both the girls and for hubby, I try to stay to our green life as much as possible by using reusable snack and sandwich bags and containers when possible.  Not only does this minimize our carbon footprint, it also saves us money since I can buy larger bags of snacks and dole them out in to the reusable snack bags instead of the throwaway snack bags.  The trick is to find reusable lunch containers that are free of chemicals and easy to use/clean!  I think I have found that with RUSSBE.  RUSSBE sent me a reusable sandwich bag and reusable snack bag in exchange for my honest opinion.

What did I think?

RUSSBE brings to the table an attractive line of reusable and eco-friendly lunch packing products including lunch and snack bags.  These bags are free from BPA, latex, PVC and phthalates.  My favorite part about these bags are how simple they are to clean – unlike some other reusable snack bags that we have used in the past, they are dishwasher safe and wipe clean easily, as well.  I particularly like how they do not stain – so no matter what snack or sandwich I have packed for the girls, these bags have held up well and come out no worse for the wear!  Added bonus: they don’t stink!  Now, you may chuckle about that, but I have used some reusable sandwich bags that after awhile, start to have a musty sort of smell that no matter how many times you properly wash it, you cannot seem to get out.  This is not a problem with RUSSBE. 

They offer fun, kid-friendly prints (including these cook skull and crossbones which Miss LadyBug thought was super cool since she is into pirates right now!) and even more toned down patterns perfect for your own lunch in the office.

RUSSBE Reusable Snack Bags

The Verdict

If you are looking to introduce a more eco-friendly way of packing lunches or snacks, check out the high-quality reusable lunch bags from RUSSBE.  These bags are well made, clean well and affordably priced!  You can learn more about the products from RUSSBE by visiting them on Facebook!


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