Electrolyte and pH Enhanced Water from Essentia

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I will admit it: I am bad at drinking enough water each day.  It isn’t that I am drinking other things, in fact I do not drink coffee or soda at all and I will only occasionally have a tea, juice or cup of milk.  A few years ago, I ended up in the hospital will a very serious illness and as it turned out, one that was exacerbated by being practically dehydrated.  Since then, I have tried to improve my water intake, but until recently I had only slight improvement.  I started running again and with that, had an increased need for water, but I was still exhausted (in a way that I felt was ‘beyond’ normal).  I did some research and learned that electrolytes (like those in sports drinks such as Gatorade or Powerade or the like), except I did not want to drink the sugars, or fillers in those beverages.  Essentia offers enhanced water that is pure, free of chemicals like chlorine and has a pH of 9.5 to aid your health goals.

pH enhanced water from Essentia

What did I think?

The enhanced water from Essentia has a very clean, almost silky smooth taste.  It was different than the water I get from my tap and even from our filtered water.  I really enjoy it and find that I want to drink more of it since it has a great taste and texture.  I started taking the Essentia enhanced water with me on my runs and found that after a few days, I had more stamina and felt that I was recovering more quickly.  This water is infused with electrolytes for just that purse – to keep you hydrated, refresh you and help you recover – may that be from a workout or from an illness.

pH enhanced water from Essentia - hydrate, recover, refresh!

We recently had a charity run and both hubby and I found the Essentia enhanced water to be a great way to keep ourselves going and to perk back up after the run.

Now, I will be honest – after my online research, I expected all of this.  What I did not expect was the other positive side effects of drinking Essentia enhanced water!  Because I am drinking more water and water that has the best pH available, my skin looks fuller and healthier.  Beyond that though, my heart burn has become nearly non-existent!  Typically if I eat certain foods, I eat them with the knowledge that later I will “feel the burn” and it won’t be from a good run.  By balancing the acidity in my stomach, I am experiencing far less reflux than I have in the past!  I am loving this enhanced water!

pH enhanced water from Essentia - hydrate, recover, refresh!

The Verdict

Whether you are an athlete or sufferer of acid reflux, or just looking to have better health all around – I highly recommend you check out Essentia enhanced water.  You can order directly from their site, find them in many health food stores or order with Amazon (and there is a $5.00 off coupon right now!).   Learn more about the health benefits to drinking pH and electrolyte enhanced water from Essentia by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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