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I have found that as I lose more weight, I am getting more and more excited about clothes shopping – not only out of enjoying fashion more, but out of necessity, too!  With the need for more clothes, I have definitely focused on maximizing my dollar, but still aiming for quality, too!  One of the easiest ways to do this is by shopping online with trusted retailers.

If you are familiar at all with women’s clothing retailers, odds are good that you are familiar with the Spiegel brand of clothes.  Spiegel has been bringing the world fashion-forward women’s clothing for years and now you can save even more on Spiegel clothing by shopping their new outlet store, Ultimate Outlet.  This all-in-one online outlet store brings you high-quality products from Spiegel, Newport News and Shape FX!   

UltimateOutlet Jacket 15 dollars

When I jumped on the Ultimate Outlet website, I was amazed at how quickly and easily I could do a general browse of what was available, sale items and even specifically what I was looking for, in my size!  I love the search by size feature, because I do not waste time falling in love with an outfit, only to find out that it is not available in my size. 

Just this last week, I was at the mall and had designated $50 to get myself some new clothes for work.  After three hours and painstaking searches through countless clearance racks, I was able to get myself a pair of black dress slacks, a blouse and a cami for just over that amount.  I decided to see what that same $50 could have netted me on the Ultimate Outlet website and here is what I found!  (Keep in mind, I did “spend” less so I could account for shipping!)

Ultimate Outlet Saving You Time and Money

That is TWO outfits for less than the price of just one at the mall!  Not to mention, that when you sign up for the emails, you will get deals right in your inbox – so you may save even more on the clothing you love!  I love that they have daily deals under $10 that you can actually use!  Cami tank tops for $5?  Sign me up!  If clothes shopping for yourself is something you only do because you “have to”, learn to love it by checking out Ultimate Outlet for amazing deals and beautiful clothes.  Be sure to visit Ultimate Outlet on Facebook and Twitter to stay current on styles, savings and more!

Photos use with permission from the Ultimate Outlet website.

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