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I love that Earth Day makes more people aware of taking care of our planet should be a priority (although I wish that were year round and not just one day or at best, a month!).   FINALLY!  I am not walking around alone as that crunchy gal who talks about sorting recyclables, cutting chemicals out of our lives and making things instead of buying – in fact, during the month of April, I blend in quite well!  I usually take this time of year to try and make year-round converts of people that have taken a sudden interest in being green.  The trick is, making it easy for them.  As with any change in life, the easier it is for someone, the more likely they are to do it and the more likely they are to stick with it!  Green living is something we can all do and it doesn’t have to be hard!

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Madeleine Somerville is a full time mom, blogger and all around awesome green living gal – on April 22, 2014, to coincide with Earth Day, Madeleine is releasing her first book, All you Need is Less, an eco-friendly guide to living green without the fuss and muss that typically scare people away from making the jump into green living.   I received an early copy of this green living guide in exchange for my honest opinion.

What did I think?

I love Madeleine’s easy style of writing, relatable stories and honest way of telling you how it is.  One section that I particularly loved her ton was where she is discussing toys –and how sometimes as parents, our job is to be the one that says “no” (who made up that rule anyways?!?!) – and how that often applies to plastic toys that our kids endlessly ask for because the TV told them, their friend told them or a combination of the two.  These toys are often laden with toxic chemicals and less importantly, prone to breakage, so they end up in the landfill more quickly than their wooden or cloth toy brethren.  The problem being, often times as the greenies, our non-greenie friends and family may purchase things for our kiddos that are less than green living friendly – while it is tempting to give a speech on all things eco-friendly, Madeleine warns against this and recommends just saying “thanks”.  I love this advice!  As a green living family, many times our family has given the girls toys that are just not in the wheelhouse of what we let them play with – for us, we just smile, say “thanks” and then if the girls haven’t become inexplicably attached, take it to a daycare or donation center so that it can be reused.  While the advice might seem obvious, I have seen on more than one occasion where one of our crunchy friends will jump up on that greenie soapbox to be ungrateful.  I love that in All you Need is Less, she is still cognizant of others and not promoting being a jerk simply because you live an eco-friendly lifestyle

I think that will have long-lasting implications – if you resist the urge to lecture about green living and how your way is better, your friends and family will be less defensive and more likely to ask questions as they come naturally, instead of being afraid of starting you on a green speech. 

The Verdict

This book is the perfect starters guide to green living!  All You Need Is Less is a no-nonsense, easy to read guide on how to make small changes and eventually bigger leaps into your new, green life.  Even as a seasoned “greenie”, I found a lot of helpful tips that I will be incorporating into my daily life and things that I now feel more confident that I can take to the next green level.  If you or someone in your life has been thinking about taking the green plunge, I recommend you pick up Madeleine Somerville’s new book, All you Need is Less from online retailers like Amazon, Barnes and Noble (online) and  You can also learn more about Madeleine Somerville and keep up with her on her blog, Sweet Madeleine.  

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