Maggie Bags Campus Tote Review

One of my favorite ways to save money is to have items that can pull double duty.  Something that does “day to night”?  That is definitely my arena.  One thing I have somewhat struggled finding is a great purse that can not only be used every day, but that can also be used when I go out with friends, or for a nicer dinner.  My favorite eco-friendly purse company, Maggie Bags, has saved the day, yet again!  They sent me the super functional Campus Tote in exchange for my honest opinion.


What did I think?

Maggie Bags is a unique and eco-friendly purse company that brings to the table amazingly beautiful and functional bags that are sure to make you stand out.  I chose the Tuxedo print for my new Campus Tote and I have to say: I am in LOVE!  This black and white stripe purse is both classy and fun while still being usable and incredibly durable.  For many of their bags, Maggie Bags uses seat belt material that is either rejected by the government for safety standard use in cars.  I love that they are committed to using as many repurposed and upcycled materials in their products as possibly.  And not only, but they are also committed to using simple construction methods to minimize their overall footprint on the world.  Through these processes, they genuinely bring eco-friendly purses to the forefront of fashion!

Maggie Bag Campus Tote Tuxedo

Like I said, my Maggie Bags Campus Tote in Tuxedo is chic and functional – what do I mean by that?  Well, you can see in the photo below that it holds a ton.  I can have my iPad, Kindle, both wallets (yes, I have two!), coupon folder, miscellaneous paper and mail and all my other odds and ends without issue – I even have room for more!  What’s more, is that Maggie Bags come with great organization and pocket space, built right in!  The Campus Tote has a zipper pocket on one side that is great for spare change, sunglasses, your phone or anything else you can think of that needs to be secured.  On the opposite side you will find various shallow pockets that work well for lip balm, gum and your ID. 

Inside the eco-friendly Maggie Bags Campus Tote Use Coupon SAVORYSAVINGS18 to save!

I have hauled this purse all over the place and one of my favorite features is how easily it cleans!  With the recent polar frost, there is a ton of salt on our roads, resulting in our cars being dirtier than ever.  For some reason, I always get out of my car and end up brushing my purse against it.  In the past, other purses have become permanently stained, and therefore, ruined by this, but not my Campus Tote!  This purse is so hearty!  Just wipe it down with a damp cloth and you are out and about in no time!  My favorite part of this purse is the bottom!  Weird to say, but true!  Since this eco-friendly purse has a flat bottom, I can set it down on a table, on the floor, anywhere and it will stay upright without spilling all of my stuff everywhere!

The Verdict

If you are looking for a high-quality, durable and visually stunning purse that you can also use in your everyday life, I recommend you check out the eco-friendly purses from Maggie Bags.  By using as much upcycled materials as possible and reducing their impact on our environment, Maggie Bags is a company that will make you feel good on the inside, while make you look fabulous on the outside!  Be sure to visit Maggie Bags on Facebook , TwitterPinterest, Polyvore, Google+, Instagram and YouTube to learn more about their new designs, specials and more!  And even better, use coupon code SAVORYSAVINGS18 through March 31, 2014 to save 18% on your Maggie Bags order!

Campus Totes from Maggie Bags coupon code SAVORYSAVINGS18

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