Organic Treats from YumEarth Will Delight Your Family!

I have started to encounter people who “suspend” their rules about food for holidays, busy times and any other change that is out of the norm – during Halloween I heard over and over “oh, they can eat that candy it’s Halloween” and similar sentiments at Christmas and New Year.  Now that it is Valentine’s Day, and treats with scary ingredients such as red dye and high fructose corn syrup are stocked on every shelf and served at every party; I am hearing that again.  For us, we do not do that.  No matter what the time of year, it is important for us to be consistent and hold true to what is important to us.  It is by no means “impossible” to find quality treats and snacks without the chemicals – in fact, one of our “go-to” snacks makes the perfect Valentine’s treat!  YumEarth sent me some all-natural lollipops and all-natural, organic fruit snacks in exchange for my honest opinion.

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What did I think?

YumEarth was created on the values of two dads, just looking for quality snacks for their families that were not loaded with artificial dyes, flavors, colors and ingredients.  When they came up nearly empty handed, they introduced a line of all-natural treats that are not only delicious, but also gluten-free, nut-free and made with all-natural, organic ingredients!

YumEarth Lollipops and Fruit Snacks

The organic lollipops from YumEarth are flavorful and long-lasting!  For us, these are the perfect after dinner treat to keep the girls busy while we are trying to clean up the kitchen, or to let them suck on while they finish up their homework.  Since there are no artificial dyes, even when Miss LadyBug manages to get “sucker juice” on her clothes, it comes out with no problem.  I like knowing that they are enjoying a lollipop made with all-natural ingredients and that is safe to eat!

For Valentine’s Day, we dressed up the lollipops as a cute little butterfly to hand out to the girls’ friends – I am sure this will be a hit as the girls were excited to have one for themselves!

Organic Lollipop from YumEarth

The YumEarth organic fruit snacks are also a big hit in our house!  These flavorful gummies give you a burst of natural fruit flavor and no funky aftertaste like others that we have tried.  They are gluten-free, so Miss LadyBug can enjoy them, too!  My favorite part is that each pack is less than 70 calories and contains 100% of your child’s daily value of Vitamin C!  So not only are they not overindulging on calories for a light snack, but they are also getting some quality nutrition, too!  The girls enjoy the fun fruit shapes and how they do not stick to their teeth while chewing them!

For our Sweetheart Slumber Party this week, we will include a Berry Sweet Valentine Surprise for our little guests attached to a pack of YumEarth organic fruit snacks – yum!

Organic Fruit Snacks from YumEarth

The Verdict

It is definitely possible to keep chemicals, food dyes and gluten out of your diet year round without breaking the bank.  YumEarth organic lollipops and organic fruit snacks are a great way to keep treats on hand for little ones that are safe and tasty!  You can find YumEarth all-natural snacks at many grocery stores, as well as online on Amazon!  Be sure to also visit YumEarth  on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to learn more about their effort to bring quality, safe ingredients to children’s snack foods!  

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