Wearever Mattress Pad with Wings – a Great Way to Save Money!

weareverlogoIsn’t it funny how different two kiddos from the same family can be?  Our girls are night and day in every way they possibly can be – from the way they look (one is blonde hair/ blue eyes and the other is brown hair/brown eyes!) to how they act.  One other big difference is nighttime accidents and potty training in general.  Miss Goose was super easy to daytime potty train.  By time she was 18 months old, she was fully potty trained with no accidents during the day, but nighttime was another story.  She would wake up soaked every morning pretty steadily up to age five.  Miss LadyBug on the other hand, was a bear to daytime potty train, but has never been wet at night since she was 18 months old.  Now that she is six, Miss Goose is having very few nighttime accidents, but if we are going somewhere like a hotel or a friend’s house, we try to take precautions to eliminate any embarrassment for her or messes.  Wearever offers a selection of incontinence products that range from washable incontinence undergarments to mattress pads, as well as an assortment of diabetic socks.  We received the Mattress Pad with Wings in exchange for my honest opinion.

What did I think?

Wearever is definitely a leader in quality incontinence products.  We used the Economy Mattress Pad for Miss Goose’s bed when she was a bit younger and having more frequent nighttime accidents and were so pleased with how well it worked and how convenient it was to be able to wash it and use it again.  The Mattress Pad with Wings is no different in quality as it also performs well!  Fortunately, she has not had any nighttime accidents to test this out, however, our new kitten managed to do that for us!  For some reason, her bed seemed to be a hot spot for him and he decided to mark her bed several times, fortunately we had the Wearever Mattress Pad with Wings in place and her mattress was well protected from the stinky cat urine.  This mattress pad protector lays very flat and the wings ensure that the pad will stay in place without bunching or shifting.  It is absorbent, washes well and discreet.  I love that there is no rustling sounds when she moves around so that her friends have no clue it is on her bed, leaving her with no embarrassing stories.

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Gluten-Free Chipotle Chicken Salad Taco Bowls

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client.

When we found out that Miss LadyBug had a wheat allergy back in April 2013, we had to do a lot of changes to our shopping strategy and my cooking style.  As time went on, we found out that not only was she wheat allergic, but also gluten-intolerant which meant any and all gluten had to be cut from our diets.  We found out quickly that many of our common “kitchen essentials” were chockfull of gluten!  Did you know that soy sauce has gluten??  I had no idea!  While I made the major switch to gluten-free for our family meals and all of Miss LadyBug’s food, I still kept things around for myself and everyone else.  I mean, who really wants to chow down on gluten-free bread when you can have a chewy and delicious piece of whole grain bread?  The thing is, I noticed that the weeks where I was entirely gluten-free, I was migraine-free.  Yet, on the weeks where I indulged in a PB&J as a snack on some gluten-filled bread, I was down for the count with terrible headaches and migraines.  I have been plagued with them since I was a teenager and just assumed that was what I could expect for the rest of my life.  Migraines and medications in an endless cycle.  As it turned out, my migraines were almost all contributed to my diet.  Cut out gluten, and I cut out the migraines.  I have been nearly migraine-free and, better yet, medication-free for nearly four months now since I cut the gluten, the trick is, finding gluten-free foods easily and quickly in the grocery store.  Well, if I am honest, the other part of that trick is to keep myself honest and out of gluten-filled foods!  My goal for the New Year (a resolution of sorts?) is to commit to be 100% gluten-free with no cheating! 

Before going completely gluten-free, if we needed a quick meal, we would grab sandwiches or maybe make a tortilla roll-up.  Since neither of these are gluten-free and the gluten-free alternatives are not quite as appetizing to me, I needed a new option.  Something that I could keep the ingredients around for, or keep pre-made in the fridge for a grab-and-go meal!  What I came up with was this delicious gluten-free chipotle chicken salad taco bowl.  It also goes great served as a salad, as a taco or even as a gluten-free appetizer when served with a bowl of corn tortilla chips! 

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