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The weather in Wisconsin is finicky to say the very least.  This week we went from more than thirty below zero for two days, to nearly forty degrees four days later.  Needless to say, that when this happens a week after you had a lot of snow, it is wet, slushy and a bit slippery!  When the weather turns like this, it is often this time of year that I stop wearing high heels to work or out for fun because I hate hauling around my giant snowboots in the “in between” weather and typically galoshes are just as big and cumbersome to tote around as snowboots.  So when I heard about PYSIS, the fashion-forward, unique-design galoshes, I knew I this was something I had to learn more about!  I received a pair of PYSIS overboot galoshes in exchange for my honest opinion.

What did I think?

As someone who has tried to maneuver through our downtown area in the rain, in heels, I can tell you what a pain this can be.  I have logged far too many miles doing the awkward “tip-toe” run/walk in a feeble attempt to protect my high heels and feet from getting too wet while walking from my car into the building, or across the street to grab a coffee.  I have also tried other galoshes, only to find them bulky, ill-fitting and, frankly, in many cases, ugly.  It seems that most rainwear companies think all women want to wear brightly colored, heart-patterned rainboots on their feet, at all times.  Now, do not get me wrong, I love pink shoes and own many pairs, and would likely wear a pair of pink boots, if the time and place were right, but as a business professional, those cartoon-style boots, do not have a place in my commute.  Add to the fact that if you do choose to wear those rainboots, you have to figure out where to put them once you arrive and you have hit another roadblock!  And as a final nail in the coffin as to why rainboots and I do not get along, my feet are always cold or wet or both in them!  Since they are open on the top, unless you buy those “rainboot socks” you might experience some rain down the boots, and cold feet.  My PYSIS galoshes are the polar opposite of your typical rainboots or galoshes

PYSIS Overboot off and on

With PYSIS, you simply pull them on over your heels, boots and other narrow-style shoes (some flats work – others may not), use the unique elastic closures to close up the boot and create a stylish and close fitting boot that looks great and is functional!  Now you are ready to walk in the rain, snow and slush!  My favorite part is, how the PYSIS galoshes add stability to your gait when walking outside in heels in the elements.  Since you are encasing your high heels in these galoshes, you are creating a wide base to walk on and can feel confident taking bigger/faster steps without fear of slipping.  I also found that driving in my heels was easier since I was not pivoting my foot on the point of my heel.   Oh, and did I tell you that they have a collapsible design with an easy carry case?  Once you take them off, you can simply roll them up, put them in the soft carrying case and be secure that they are not obvious or taking up a lot of space!

PYSIS Fashion Forward Overboots

As I mentioned, the weather this week was a bit crazy, so my PYSIS galoshes got a good workout!  One of the afternoons that I picked the girls up from school, there was a giant, moving pool of water right outside of the car door that I got to stand in while loading the girls into the car.  I can tell you, if I had been standing there in my heels alone, my feet would have been soaked, freezing and miserable – and my shoes, ruined.  Instead, my feet were securely enclosed in my PYSIS overboots and I did not feel a thing and my shoes lived to see another day!

PYSIS Galoshes - Easy to Wear

The Verdict

Save wear and tear on your high heels and other dress shoes by using PYSIS galoshes when you have to go out in elements.  Your shoes will last longer and look better.  Plus, the PYSIS overboots look amazing (I cannot believe the number of compliments I received walking into work and picking up the girls!), too!  Since they are sensible black in color, you can have just one pair of galoshes that will coordinate with most of your wardrobe, saving you time and money!  Be sure to visit PYSIS on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to learn more about their products, promotions and fashion.

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