Learning Resources Buggy Balance Activity Kit Review

The girls have been back in school for about a month and they are loving it – although, at their new school, they do get more homework than before and that involves more time from all of us as the girls learn their new lessons and as their dad and I navigate helping them. In Miss LadyBug’s class, they have done a few lessons on weights focusing on heavier than, lighter than and equal to – so when we received the Buggy Balance Measurement Activity Kit from Learning Resources for review, the timing could not have been better!

What did I think of the Buggy Balance Measurement Activity Kit?

We have been able to use the Buggy Balance as a way to augment what she is learning at school, while at home! This kit comes with the balance (super easy to put together, just two pieces that snap together, and 60 weight-related caterpillars and leaves. We have been able to use this set to help with her really understanding things that are heavier or lighter or equal to one another in weight and then discuss how size comes into play overall. We have also been able to use the bugs and leaves for basic math – addition, subtraction, counting, etc since there are 60 total pieces!

Her favorite way to use the Buggy Balance is basic comparison. She will ask someone in the house to fill one side of the balance with bugs and leaves and then try to come up with that weight in some other combination. This is a great segue to talk about other things in life (like money!) that have multiple ways to reach one answer!

The Verdict

We love the Learning Resources Buggy Balance Measurement Activity Kit! It is easy to use and set up, fun to play with and really brings a difficult concept for children to life in a way that they can grasp. Miss LadyBug has been doing so well on her math since she has a hands on way of seeing the math equations and understanding how the answer was arrived. You can learn more about the Buggy Balance kit and the other wonderful learning toys at Learning Resources by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

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