Natural Soap from Grandma’s – You Will Feel Good and Look Good!

Cutting chemicals out of your diet is a great way to lead a healthier and better life – but if you are not carrying that through your life and are still slathering your body with chemicals, all that change may be for naught. Many soaps and lotions have harsh chemicals like sulfates, detergents and other ambiguous ingredients, like “fragrance”. I received an assortment of natural soaps and a natural lotion from Remwood Productss, featuring their amazing Grandma’s Lye Soap line of natural soaps, herbal soaps and lotion.

What did I think?

The Grandma’s line of soaps began in 2002 when Grandma started to research the best ingredients for human skin. Through her soap research came a natural soap line like no other. Featuring lye as the base and ingredients such as goat’s milk, essential oils, oatmeal and other natural products – these soaps are great for your skin and can treat many ailments from poison ivy to bug bites, eczema and everything in between! They even offer soap for pets!

I received a couple of bars of natural soap, as well as a natural lotion and am loving these soaps!

The Beauty Bar is a star! It has a light and earthy scent that is sure to please! I actually only got to use this soap twice before hubby snagged it away to use in the locker room after his long bike rides! The oatmeal is soothing to wind burnt skin and the natural fragrance is neutral enough for both men and women!

The Pure Lye Soap is a great addition for a family. This gentle, all natural soap is good for both face and body and is gentle enough for kids. My girls love how smooth and soft their skin feels after a bath using Grandma’s Lye Soap!

The Shampoo and Shave bar, which is the one I assumed that hubby would take ended up being one of my favorites. I have been using this as a my go-to for shaving my legs quickly and without creating nicks or razor burn! This natural soap lathers nicely and smells great, too!

When it comes to natural lotion that works – Grandma’s cannot be beat! I love this that 2-oz size is perfect to fit in my purse and help my dry, winter-chapped hands! I have found that it is also wonderful for dry feet and elbows, too!

The Verdict

If you are looking for a natural soap that does not contain harsh ingredients or chemicals, Grandma’s Lye Soap is for you! In addition to the wonderful natural soaps and lotion that I tried, Grandma’s also has an assortment of soaps that can help alleviate the symptoms of common irritants that would be perfect as we get closer to summer! To learn more about Grandma’s natural soaps and bath products, visit them on Facebook and Twitter!

**UPDATE** For the month of May (2014) Grandma’s is extending an amazing offer to those with children affected by eczema and are suffering financial hardships through unemployment. For one month, Grandma’s will send a bar of their amazing soap! Contact Grandma’s marketing at: [email protected] to request your bar of soap, or let them know of a family in need. Please note, there is no proof of unemployment required, just knowing that there is a genuine need for the soap to help a little one with itchy skin **

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