Be Stylish & Green with Woodwear Bamboo Sunglasses

For hubby, he is definitely the far more stylish one of the two of us so he is on always on a quest to find fashion-forward accessories that not only look great and work well, but also fit in well with our eco-friendly lifestyle. When he received a pair of bamboo sunglasses from Woodwear for this review, I knew that a match was made in heaven!

What did I think of the Bamboo Sunglasses from Woodwear?

I absolutely love what Woodwear represents – a company with the forwarding-thinking attitude of using durable and sustainable materials (bamboo) to make cool and wearable sunglasses that actually protect your eyes! The bamboo sunglasses that hubby received are a unisex style (the Hermosa style), but the more square-ish styling is definitely flattering on a male face. I love how these frame his face and the bamboo exterior is fun and different than others that you see – so he not only looks cool in the frame, but the exterior design is flattering and different, too.
The polarized lenses are incredible and really provide some great sun protection (100% UVA/UVB!). These bamboo sunglasses have made a huge difference for him as he bikes to and from work – often biking directly into the sunlight, but these allow him to have better vision in those circumstances and able to better navigate the roads – which I love!
Another great feature is that each pair of bamboo sunglasses from Woodwear come with a microfiber pouch and storage box to protect your sunglasses. I recommend using the box for sure when you can, especially if you are planning on storing them in your purse. The sunglasses have a stainless steel hinge that allow for a comfortable fit – but it is just a single hinge, so you will want to be cautious.

The Verdict

We are big fans of the bamboo sunglasses from Woodwear in our house – they are comfortable, eco-friendly and look amazing. Available in many flattering styles (and more to come in an upcoming Kickstarter!), you are sure to find a pair that will make you smile and stop squinting into the sunlight! Be sure to follow Woodwear on Facebook and Twitter to stay current on the latest designs and specials!

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