Add Style and Function to your Wardrobe with Lyssé Leggings!

When leggings made a comeback sometime ago, I figured I would never be able to wear them, being a curvy gal. I simply assumed that if I tried I would A. Look pregnant B. Look lumpy C. look lump and pregnant or D. have everyone see my undergarments as they stretched over me. Since none of these options appealed to me, I just did not own any. Then jealousy set in. I would see my friends wearing adorable tunic tops with leggings and flats or sassy dresses with leggings and boots and I wanted that. So I headed to the store and picked up a pair. And at first, they did not look so bad – well, maybe in my mind. If I wore a longer top or dress, that mostly masked the tummy bump (melted cupcakes anyone? – eek!) or how every curve and indentation in my body was highlighted. Seems that founder of Lyssé, a company that makes fashion-forward and slimming leggings for all sizes, had that issue, too! I received a pair of leggings from Lyssé in exchange for my honest opinion.

What did I think?

When the founder of Lyssé experienced the outfit stopping muffin top when wearing leggings, she set out to introduce a new expectation level for leggings and exceeded that. The Lyssé leggings have a hidden tummy control panel that slims, shapes, smoothes and in general, makes you look fabulous without drawing attention to it. I have tried other so-called tummy control panel leggings and ended up with my “roll” just being relocated from one area to another (and somewhat less flattering) location or suffocating me in the most uncomfortable of ways. With my Lyssé leggings, I looked like I had a tummy tuck without the surgery or risk! These leggings really do suck, tuck and camouflage your lower body in a way that will make you want to redo your wardrobe to include leggings every day!

I received the vegan leather panel leggings and am in love! These animal-friendly alternatives to leather look great and give me an edgy vibe when combined with boots for going out with friends, or for a fresh look in the office with flats. These leggings has a double-layer inner control panel that is not obvious and further adds to your overall comfort level while wearing them. This double layer also keeps you from getting that “thinned out” look that some leggings get, effectively showing the world what kind (if any) of undergarments you are wearing.

The Verdict

The Lyssé leggings are definitely my go-to leggings in my wardrobe and I hope to add many more pairs in different styles and colors in time! They are comfortable, concealing and well made. Lyssé even has plus-size leggings and has introduced a line of flattering and beautiful tops! Be sure to visit Lyssé on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram for style tips, specials and more!

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