Better Foot Health with The Footmate System

When hubby and I first started dating, he learned quickly that the fastest way to my heart was not chocolate (gasp!) but was via foot rubs! In the summer, I am really good about making sure my feet look nice; I get pedicures, I scrub and polish them at home and I generally take better care of them during the “seen” months. Then when winter hits and my snow boots come out, my feet are neglected. For the longest time, this was the status quo, then I read a few articles in different health magazines about the importance of taking care of your feet to improve your overall health. When I thought about it, this made sense – your feet can cause you to be less active if they hurt, cause you stress and many other things. But I wasn’t really sure where to start, or what to do. Fortunately, I received The Footmate System by Gordon Brush – a unique way to clean, massage and stimulate your feet into better health – in exchange for my honest opinion.

What did I think?

The Footmate System is easy to use and nearly ready right out of the box! The only thing you do is attach the retrieving rope and you are ready to use it. The bottom of The Footmate System has suction cups that hold strongly to your bathtub floor. The shape of The Footmate System reminds me of a manta ray with two “wings” that you can step on to create further stability when using. It is simple to use: place on the floor of your bathtub or shower, apply some of the rejuvenating gel or soap of your choice and then with one foot on the “wing” gently scrub your foot back and forth. The firm bristles give you a nice massage while exfoliating your feet! I love how soft and wonderful my feet feel after a scrub down in The Footmate System! Once you have scrubbed and rubbed both feet, you can use the retriever rope to pull the system up off of the floor to give it a quick rinse. I then use the suction cups to hang it from the wall of my shower and allow it to dry.

I have been using The Footmate System daily for several weeks and absolutely love it! My skin is softer and my feet feel so much better, especially after a long day at work or running errands. Using The Footmate System will not only give you more beautiful feet, but it also promotes better circulation through the stimulating massage motions. The bristles are agile and reach all of the spots on your feet that likely do not receive much attention!

The Verdict

The Footmate System is an easy and fun way to promote foot health in your home. You can even use it “dry” for just a massage while sitting in a chair! If you are looking for a way to better your health, or just get those foot rubs that you cannot get someone else to do for you – I highly recommend The Footmate System. Be sure to visit them on Facebook and Twitter to learn about all of their wonderful brush-based products!

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