Be Green in the Shower with the Big Lather Soap Sponge!

When our girls take a bath, they probably use more soap than is needed to wash an entire kindergarten classroom post pumpkin farm field trip. They love to lather up their wash clothes over and over again with body wash effectively going through a bottle quite quickly. In my and the hubby’s bathroom, we have bar soap, but I hate how icky, slippery a bar gets and that disgusting lump of soap residue that builds up in the corner of our tub from where we put the soap each morning. The new Big Lather soap sponge has made a dramatic change in our house when it comes to soap waste, convenience and mess. I received a Big Lather soap sponge in exchange for my honest opinion.

What did I think?

When I first pulled the Big Lather soap sponge from its package, it looked a lot like many other sponges or meshies on the market. The big difference is, the Big Lather soap sponge has a convenient little mesh pocket for your bar of soap. Simply put in your favorite bar of soap and squeeze to create your soapy lather! Now, seriously – this will lather up quickly and with a TON of bubbles so you will use less soap overall! I love that because I am spending less money replacing bars of soap or bottles of body wash. Even more so, I am being greener as I am not tossing bottles in the landfills!

My girls love the Big Lather soap sponge because they can create more bubbles, more quickly and without mom nagging at them about wasting so much soap. I love it because it offers a convenient way to travel with soap to places like the gym, camping trips and even for quick showers after swim lessons.

The Big Lather soap sponge comes with a handy S-hook that you can hang your soap sponge from your shower head or a handle in your shower. This allows for both the Big Lather soap sponge and the bar of soap within to air out naturally without creating a mushy, soapy mess or growing mold from sitting balled up in the corner somewhere.

The Verdict

If you are looking for a great, green way to cut costs in the bathroom, without sacrificing your favorite soaps, I highly recommend the Big Lather soap sponge! You can feel good that you are making your soap last longer and putting less waste into our landfills! Visit Big Lather on Facebook and Twitter!

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