Countertop Compost Bin from BioBag – Live Greener!

Whether you are trying to be greener and save room in the landfills, or trying to have better soil for your gardens, composting is a great way to accomplish both of these and more! BioBag is the leader in bringing certified compostable bags to the table for everything from yard waste to pet waste, food waste and even lunch bags! In addition to offering certified compostable bags, BioBag also offers a Max Air Composting System so that you can start the composting process inside your home! I received one of BioBag’s countertop Max Air Composting Systems in exchange for my honest opinion.

What did I think?

I have had a compost pile in our backyard for some time now, but it is somewhat (ok, a lot a bit!) disorganized. My goal this year is to build an aerated enclosure for it to maximize its ability to turn into beautiful and nutrient-rich soil to use in my gardens. I try to remember to take what I can out to my crazy compost pile now, but honestly, sometimes I forget, or sometimes, I just do not want to haul it all out there. With my new BioBag countertop Max Air Composting system, that is no longer a problem!

This composting container is compact, discreet and not at all smelly. In the past I had tried keeping a closed system countertop compost container, but I ended up with a smelly container full of decomposing or moldy foods; which makes sense since composting requires both oxygen and living microorganisms to make it happen! Both the composting container and the BigBag composting bags are breathable, which allows the food products inside to dry out and minimize bacteria (which is the stinky part!) It also has a handy, hinged handle that you can hang easily inside the cabinet door of your sink if you would prefer to keep it hidden. I like to have mine on my counter so that as I cook, I can throw in the parts that I would usually throw away that could easily be composted!

I love that I only need to change the bag every week or so, unless it fills up faster. I simply tie if off and throw it into my compost pile – easy as can be! And since it is a convenient compostable bag, even the kiddos can haul it outside for me.

The Verdict

If you are looking for an easy way to increase your home compost plan, I highly recommend BioBag for all of their certified compostable products, but especially the Max Air Composting System as a way to start the composting process even earlier and to compost even more! To learn more about BioBag and all of the incredible compost products they offer, visit them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

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