Learning Resources Plant & Grow Set – Grow Love of Science from Home!

As a bit of a science geek myself, I look for any opportunity to engage my girls with all things science related. Learning Resources is quickly going to become my go-to for finding educational toys that will draw in my girls to subjects like math, science and more, all while entertaining them! This site has a variety of educational toys for toddlers to big kids and different areas of focus. I love that you can really grow a great home school curriculum with what they offer, or supplement their traditional school lessons at home! I received the Primary Science Plant & Grow Set from Learning Resources in exchange for my honest opinion.

What did I think?

The Primary Science Plant & Grow Set is a great way to plant an interest in botany and discovery for little minds! The set comes with the basics to get you started on many different planting experiments and includes a 10-pack of activity cards that give you planting challenges, along with suggestions for observation and ways to learn more.

I headed to the store, picked up some organic potting mix and a couple of packs of organic seeds to start. The girls were really excited to get involved with this project and each became the leader of one project. Miss LadyBug chose to grow beans (of course since she is bean-crazy!) The directions were easy for her to follow and she had her dirtless “cotton farm” ready in just a few minutes. She has been checking it daily waiting to for the beans to sprout!
Miss Goose planted three containers of peas (her favorite) and has been great with remembering to water her plants each day. In fact, she loves this kit so much, she made this sign in honor of it and left it on my desk!

The Verdict

If you are looking for a great way to start a love of science with your kids, I recommend checking out the selection of science kits from Learning Resources. The Plant & Grow set is a great way to practice skills like listening, measuring, counting and even responsibilities. Each day the girls have to check their plants and remember to water them, which has been great for them. They are excited to eat what they harvest, so I am thinking we will plant some “less loved” veggies next time and watch how that encourages their eating habits, too! I love the educational toys offered at Learning Resources and recommend them as a great gift resource, too! Be sure to visit on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram for updates on new products, specials and more!

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