Natural & Sustainable Bamboo Deodorizer from Ever Bamboo

It’s the most normal thing in America, for when we have something that smells to simply cover or mask the smell. Candles, potpourri, oils, sprays and anything else we can find on the market. But how about eliminating odor instead of just covering it? Even better, what if you find a deodorizer that was natural and sustainable? Ever Bamboo takes natures fastest growing plant, bamboo , and uses its natural properties to make products that will not just deodorize, but also dehumidify your home (and body!) I received an assortment of Ever Bamboo deodorizer products in exchange for my honest opinion.

What did I think?

The three products I received were the Room Deodorizer, the Fridge & Freezer Deodorizer and the bamboo charcoal soap. The bamboo charcoal soap is a fantastic soap that is great for keeping in your gym bag! I like to work out during lunch at work, but worry about being smelly after despite taking a quick shower. I have found that Ever Bamboo charcoal soap is a fantastic way to remedy this! It quickly deodorizes your body and leaves you feeling soft and smooth!

The Fridge & Freezer deodorizer will let you toss out that container of baking soda forever! This small sachet of bamboo charcoal takes up less space than a box of baking soda and works significantly better! I found that it quickly eliminated odors in the fridge and could even contend with highly stinky foods like garlic and fish! One deodorizer pack will work for about a year as long as you remember to recharge the pack by exposing it to sunlight every 2-3 months.

The Room Deodorizer and Dehumidifier pack is a true star! This pack will absorb odor and moisture from your room helping to eliminate any stinky smells and minimize unwanted things like mold and bacteria. I noticed within minutes that this deodorizer was eliminating pet odors from the area where we keep the cats litter boxes and the dog’s pillow (stink-city!). I love that this is so long lasting and that I can simply recharge its power by exposing it to the sun.

The Verdict

I love that there is an all-natural and sustainable deodorizer for use in my home! Even better, they have varying sizes so you can use them for other smelly things like sports equipment (I will be tossing one where hubby keeps his sweaty biking gear!) and for different areas of your home. Learn more about Ever Bamboo and their natural bamboo deodorizers on Facebook and Twitter.

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