Natural Lip Scrub & Lip Balm from Moody Sisters

The winter and then winter-to-spring transition is so hard on my lips and my girls’ lips, too! To avoid chapped lips, I love to have a good lip scrub and lip balm to keep our lips healthy, happy and feeling their best, but so many on the market are full of chemicals and other unsavory ingredients. When I set to finding a quality and natural lip scrub, I was happy to find that Moody Sisters Natural Skincare has great organic lip scrub and lip balm that will make your lips (and you!) happy! I received a lip scrub and lip balm in exchange for my honest opinion.

What did I think?

I love everything that the Moody Sisters Natural Skincare brand stands for – using high-quality, natural and organic ingredients to give your skin the best chance at looking stunning!

The Lip Scrub is a wonderful and natural combination of butters, Kaolin Clay and essential oils to create a lip scrub that you will love (and might want to try to eat!). The refreshing lemon verbena scent is invigorating and one that I absolutely adore! We all know that lemon is great for cleaning, so it makes sense that lemon oil should go into a lip scrub to make sure you have healthy, refreshed and soft lips. I have been using this lip scrub twice a week for about three weeks now and have the softest lips that I have ever had! The girls have even added lip scrub to their nighttime routine once a week and love it – I just have to convince them that while the ingredients are safe enough to eat, that no matter how delicious it smells, we should not!

To enhance the lip scrub, Moody Sisters also offers a line of lip balms, including a lemon verbena that perfectly complements the lemon verbena lip scrub! This beeswax and cocoa butter based lip balm leaves your lips silky smooth and kissably complete! I love how well it applies and that it is long lasting. Some lip balms seem to dry off of my lips quickly, leaving me with no protection and constant reapplication. The Moody Sisters lip balm, definitely has a stay factor! Not to mention that I feel a million times better applying this to my lips as there are no parabens, no dyes, no “fragrance” (hate that word!), no dyes, no sulfates and no chemicals! Love these all natural lip products!

The Verdict

For a high-quality, long-lasting and chemical-free lip treatment combo, I highly recommend the Moody Sisters Natural Skincare lemon verbena Lip Scrub and Lip Balm. If Lemon Verbena is not your scent, the Moody Sisters offer many other wonderful and natural products with varying scents – all scented using pure essential oils for maximum safety and differing skin types! I know I would love to try Rosemary Mint or Strawberry Lemonade – what would you try?

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