Portable Bluetooth Speaker from Havit Brings Big Sound Anywhere

As the girls get older, they are definitely coming into their own when it comes to pretty much everything, especially music! They like to listen to their music when they are cleaning their rooms or just playing and I would prefer that they not use headphones or earbuds quite yet since they tend to turn up the sound. Wireless, Bluetooth speakers are a great option for this, especially if you can find one for an affordable price! Well, I found that with Havit! Havit offers different wireless, Bluetooth speaker options and they sent me this great portable, bar speaker in exchange for my honest opinion!

<h2>What did I think?</h2>The portable Bluetooth speaker from Havit is petite, but puts out great sound! The girls like having their own, easy-to-use speaker to listen to their music on. It synced quickly and easily to my iPhone so that the girls could easily pull up their music (frequently the Frozen soundtrack). The sound is crisp and clear and at under $40 you cannot go wrong with this Bluetooth speaker! I like how quickly and easily it charges (it comes with a USB charger) and how sturdy it is. The bar style is attractive and it is durable to the girls dragging it around the house and even to the car.

I like when they take it into the car and can listen to their music in the backseat while I listen to a podcast or the news in the front seat – while I love Disney classics, I can only take the songs so many times!

We even took this speaker with us on a family vacation – it was nice to have music with us in the hotel room!
<h2>The Verdict</h2>

If you are looking for an affordable, wireless, Bluetooth speaker, Havit is the place to start! This portable Bluetooth speaker is great for at home, in the car or for kids wanting to listen to their music in the house! You can learn more about the Havit line of products by visiting them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

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